Bucky Dent Water Park: A Fun-Filled Day for the Whole Family in Hialeah, FL


If you’re looking for a family-friendly water park in Hialeah, FL, look no further than Bucky Dent Water Park. This popular attraction offers a variety of water-based activities and attractions that are sure to keep everyone entertained.

Water Slides

One of the main draws of Bucky Dent Water Park is the variety of water slides. The park features three different slides, each with its own unique twists and turns. There’s the Blue Monster, a thrilling ride with steep drops and twists, the Purple People Eater, a winding slide that will have you twisting and turning, and the Green Gator, a more laid-back slide perfect for younger children.

Lazy River and Wave Pool

In addition to the water slides, Bucky Dent Water Park also features a lazy river and a wave pool. The lazy river is a relaxing ride that takes you on a leisurely trip around the park, while the wave pool simulates ocean waves for a more intense water experience.

Kiddie Pool and Splash Pad

For younger children, Bucky Dent Water Park also has a kiddie pool with fun water features like fountains and sprays. There’s also a splash pad with water guns and buckets for even more water fun.

Relaxation Areas

When you need a break from the water, the park also has plenty of places to relax. There are shaded cabanas available for rent, as well as picnic tables and benches throughout the park. There’s also a snack bar with food and drinks to keep you fueled up for a full day of water park fun.


Overall, Bucky Dent Water Park is a must-visit attraction for families in Hialeah, FL. With its variety of water slides, lazy river, wave pool, kiddie pool, and splash pad, there’s something for everyone. So grab your sunscreen and swimsuit, and head to Bucky Dent Water Park for a day of fun in the sun.

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Bucky Dent Park
2250 W 60th St
Hialeah, FL 33016